Using Theta Healing To Reprogram Yourself!

Yes, you read that right, reprogram YOURSELF!!

I took the courses to learn about energy healing & theta healing and I have used this knowledge to do plenty of amazing transformations for myself, my family, my friends, and clients. But, things are changing.

As we step into 2018, the energy has shifted on this planet once again. 2018 is an 11 year in numerology…. 2+0+1+8=11. 11 represents New Beginnings and it is also a master number. This year is about stepping into our own mastery. The energy of 2018 is here to support us all in our journeys to not only find out who we really are, but to master ourselves, master our emotions, & master our reality. At the same time, the awareness of humanity is rising & the veil between worlds is thinning. We are much closer, in frequency, to our Ascended Master mentors, the Archangels, and our spirit guides than EVER before. The connection between us is easier & more clear than ever.

Decades ago, finding & feeling our connection to the higher realms and our higher selves took a lot of spiritual practice. Some used to need long drawn out ritual while some needed to be in silence, on top of a mountain for 30 days. These time-consuming practices are no longer necessary. Now a simple prayer and intention are all we need.

I can see it all around me, people are becoming much more in tune with their intuition. They are accessing their higher selves more & more. But, they still have a lot of beliefs that need to be healed and a lot of traumas that need to be released in order to reach out & help others or to reach higher.

My intention in taking the courses that I have taken, 9 classes with certifications, and countless others, has always been to help as many people as I can. My mission in life, what I have always really wanted to do, is to help people find peace within themselves. Helping people find that is the most amazing feeling you could ever have. Completely priceless. Now that I have developed my own technique, I can TEACH you the way to find that peace within yourself!

While taking my courses, I realized that the common bond in all forms of energy work is prayer. In every modality, we are asking for help from God and/or the other beings of light that He has sent to support us, whether that be our guardian angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and/or Spirit Guides. Another commonality is intention. “It’s all about your intention”- I learned this over & over. So, I put together prayer and intention, combined with my knowledge of the subconscious into a technique that you can learn to heal yourself!

At first, this was just an idea, a theory. So, I decided to do a little reprogramming experiment on a couple friends of mine. Normally, I connect to a person’s energy to do the clearing & downloading of beliefs for them. This time, I gave them a prayer to say, that allowed them to do their OWN clearing & downloading. It worked!! It was absolutely beautiful. It wasn’t just the clearing that was a success. The biggest success was the energetic change in a person who just accessed their own power.


Now, I want to help you step into your own personal power.

Who are you, really? What is your purpose, your mission?  What needs to be healed in you? What is your true potential?

I say that you are limitless. Your potential is limitless. Your purpose is to be free.

It is time to step up and start taking care of YOU!


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Love & Blessings,

Sarah Jean Keller

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