A Layman’s Explanation of Stuff We Don’t Know; Other Dimensions

Using the book written by Edwin A. Abbott, (which later became a cartoon, game, & then a movie), “Flatland”, as inspiration, I will attempt to explain the concept of higher dimensions to you. This was the simplest way that I could explain dimensions to my children. At the end, I have a video linked by Carl Sagan which explains it in a different way, which may also be helpful.


If you can, imagine looking down at a flat piece of paper (this paper is called Flatland) with a circle, a square, & a triangle (these are the beings of Flatland, called Flatlanders) on it that move freely about. They slide around Flatland, but cannot move up or down. They do not even know the words “up” or “down”.


So, the Flatlanders are all going about their business when one of the flatlanders, named Square came running out of his house yelling “I went to another world, another dimension!!”  Of course, the other Flatlanders thought he was crazy. Square was mumbling on and on about “up” & “down”, saying he could see into the other Flatlanders houses because he went “up”.  The other Flatlanders were getting tired of hearing Square’s nonsense, so they told him to prove it.

“Fine”, said Square. “Follow me”.


They went to Triangles house. Square jumped UP and looked into Triangles house, seeing three little triangles. To the Flatlanders, it looked as though Square disappeared and reappeared a few seconds later. They have no awareness of this “other dimension” so they couldn’t see it. They weren’t sure what had happened and squinted their eyes thinking something wasn’t right, they must have missed something. Square said to Triangle, “there are three little triangles in your house, aren’t there?” Triangle went to the doorway of his flat house and did see that there were three little triangles. “It’s just not possible. It doesn’t fit the rules of Flatland! You just had a lucky guess!”

“Fine”, said Square. “Follow me, again”.


Square took the Flatlanders down to the wall near the end of their town. To us, this “wall” would look like it was just a line from one side of the paper to the other. But, to a Flatlander, this was a wall that no one could get past.

Square told the Flatlanders that he could go to the other side of the wall. The Flatlanders were skeptical, to say the least. They were starting to think that they would need to hospitalize their square friend.


Square said, “watch this”. The Flatlanders looked on as Square disappeared right before their eyes. This time they were paying close attention & saw him just vanish. Then they heard him… on the other side of the wall!!  Now the Flatlanders thought they would need to hospitalize themselves! They panicked.

“How could Square be over there!? He just disappeared! No, no, no, it’s not possible!”, said Triangle.

“Maybe we ate some bad food and we are seeing things. It just doesn’t fit the laws of nature in Flatland”, said Circle.

Square said, “I went over the wall. I went UP & then OVER the line. I saw a third dimension! You can do it, too!” Then he jumped back over to the side his friends were on, but to them, he just reappeared out of nowhere.

What Square was saying was just nonsense to the rest of the Flatlanders. They could not comprehend a word. And they certainly knew they couldn’t do what he just did.

Square had figured out how to access another dimension to be able to see in 3D. He saw that he could just go “UP” to get over the so-called “wall”, which he could now plainly see was actually just a line. How he saw everything changed forever.

Even though Square figured out a way to access another dimension, he couldn’t figure out a way to explain it to his friends. The only thing he could do was show them, and even that was not enough for most of them to believe. He told them he could teach them, but they didn’t want to hear another word about it. They angrily walked away from Square.

——————–          ——————–          ——————–          ——————–

I know this is a crude way to explain a highly scientific concept, but we all need to start somewhere. The Flatlanders can represent a vast majority of humanity, in that they are only accepting of what they already know & what they can fully see. The “rules” & “laws” of Flatland represent the subconscious rules & laws that we have been conditioned to believe we need. When a new concept is presented to the Flatlanders, they dismiss it right away just because it has never crossed their mind before. It didn’t make sense in the reality they knew, so they turned their frustration onto Square, the only being in Flatland with an open mind. When someone thinks “outside the box”, that being is criticized and thought to be crazy. The Flatlanders did not want to hear the opinion of Square, even though he is their friend. Their minds were closed to new thought. They were so stuck in the rules of Flatland that they couldn’t even consider that there may be more out there to learn about.

Imagine if all the knowledge they ever wanted was on the other side of that wall. Would they let Square teach them what he learned? What if all the healing they ever needed was a few steps away in “another world”?


What we see and understand and “know” is just an accumulation of rules stored in our subconscious. What if the things we think we “know” are the very things blocking us from knowing more. As one of my mentors says, “We all live in prisons constructed out of what we think we know!”- Brent Phillips.

Allow yourself to NOT know. It is freeing.

Allow yourself to blur the illusions of “reality”.

Break down your walls.

Erase your rules.

Re-learn the true “laws of nature”.

Open your heart & your mind.

What will you find?

Maybe your self, your Higher Self ❤



What does this have to do with subconscious reprogramming? It helps you clear those rules that are hindering your growth & keeping your mind closed! By using prayer, we are using higher dimensional help.

EVERYONE has these hidden “rules”.  For example, a lot of people have the rule “I am not allowed to be prosperous”? Our subconscious “knows” this to be true.  Women are more likely to have this rule because of the conditioning of our ancestors that women are not supposed to work. But, men can also be trapped by this rule if they have been conditioned to believe that all prosperous people are greedy. This conditioning sticks in our subconscious & sabotages every effort to be prosperous.

These are the things that we want to clear. And this was just one example of the hundreds of thousands of beliefs that can negatively affect people.

I believe subconscious reprogramming is the quickest & most efficient way to clear out old rules and laws that we have locked in our subconscious so we can be free to Keep Moving Forward!

If you’re ready to give it a try, click here to Learn How To Reprogram YOURSELF!

Love & Blessings,

Sarah Jean Keller


Here is that video I promised:  Carl Sagan: Flatland Animated

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