Clearing Out The Clutter

I think our lives are filled with opportunities to see the big picture. We are always being shown the reasons we are here, ideas to cope with being here, & the meaning of life. The trick is to keep an open mind.

My brain always sees analogies in everyday occurrences. I think it’s cool, so I thought if I could share it with you, maybe you will start to see signs the way I do… if you don’t already 🙂

My husband and I had a complicated issue to deal with recently. A friend of ours needed to move, but before he could move, he needed to get rid of a giant 40 x 8-foot container that sat on his property. We actually needed this type of storage on our property to help us to be able to sort through our stuff & my mother-in-law’s stuff, which we hadn’t had the room to do since moving into our house about 5 years ago.

So, anyway, we figured it was a win-win. Our friend needed the container off his property and we needed the storage. The catch was…. it was FILLED with his uncle’s stuff. This uncle, I’ll call Stu, lived with our friend and was, apparently, a hoarder. Stu was also not in great health & could not (or would not) clear out his stuff on his own. So, we agreed to take the container, along with all of the crap inside of it, with the plan to go through it all and consolidate anything worth saving, thus leaving us room to store my mother-in-law’s stuff.

Stu was a simple, although confusing, kind of man. He was never married. He never had children. He was living in the same house for his entire life. He was a trashman for most of his life, which was where he found most of the things he hoarded. He had saved hundreds of lawnmowers at one point but never fixed one. Luckily, those were not in this container.

He had about 50 different magazine subscriptions and saved every magazine that was ever delivered to him since the 60’s!

He had all kinds of radios (mostly broken) & books about fixing radios. Our friend said he never fixed any radios.

He had all kinds of maps and tourist brochures from all over, but he never left his town.

He had a small fishing boat & fishing magazines, but he never fished. He never even used his boat.

As I was sorting through all of this stuff, I thought about our subconscious & the beliefs that are stored in them.  This container was like Stu’s subconscious. He had dreams of fishing and traveling. He had hoped to fix things & make things better. But, bigger than his hopes and dreams, were his fears. Fears of letting go.

I would open a plastic bin and sort through junk mail from 15 years ago and old family pictures. I would toss out the junk & save the memories. I felt like I was actually doing subconscious reprogramming. Lol.

We tossed all of the old magazines. If he needed to find any important information from them, he could easily find it online, or even at the library, if needed. There is no need for any of us to hold onto stuff that takes up soooo much space and is so heavy when we can use the updated ways of finding the same information. That goes for our subconscious beliefs as well as magazines 🙂

When the re-organizing work was all finally done, Stu’s stuff took up less than 1/4 of the container.

Stu chose to fill his space & his mind with all of this unnecessary junk that left him no room for growth, no room to have new, useful things.

What would his life had been like if he had learned to let go? Maybe he wouldn’t be so sick right now? Maybe he would have taken a few risks to follow his passions & follow his dreams. Maybe he would have had the confidence to find love. Maybe he would have had the clarity to see things differently.

Our minds, like the giant container, can only hold so much. So, we need to let go of beliefs & things that no longer serve us. We need to let go of beliefs and things that actually block the possibility of good things coming to us. Release the old & bring in the new! Release the bad & make room for the good! Clear out that clutter!

Don’t you always feel amazing when you reorganize? Or when you Spring clean? Or when you donate or throw out a bunch of physical things you no longer use? That’s exactly the same feeling when you do this for your mind. It’s cleansing ❤

If you want to know the kinds of clutter hiding in your subconscious, get my free ebook here.

Love & Blessings,

Sarah Jean Keller






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