Learn To Reprogram Yourself!

Subconscious Reprogramming

I have combined all of my skills to develop a technique that allows you to raise your vibrational frequency by cleaning out your energetic fields of beliefs that no longer serve you.

With my course, you will learn how to find the causes of your most pressing issues and eliminate them on the energetic level.

This will cause your reality to shift; some shifts will be instantaneous, some will take time. It all depends on how many other beliefs are attached to a certain issue.

You will learn to clear energetic blocks & traumas that are preventing you from fully integrating your higher Self.

With enough focus on your Self, you will clear the obstacles on your path of awakening & bring you closer to enlightenment.

All meaningful decisions are made on the subconscious level.


Reoccurring patterns in your life are caused by deep-seated beliefs in your subconscious, whether you believe them on a conscious level or not. These subconscious beliefs come from many different sources including genetics, childhood experiences, other lifetimes, soul contracts, etc..  Patterns that pertain to your relationships, your health, your weight, your self- esteem, your finances, (ALL areas of your life) all stem from your subconscious beliefs.  By locating and clearing and/or changing the blocks that are being held on the subconscious level, we facilitate healing on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Now you can learn the technique for yourself to locate and remove subconscious blocks that are holding you back from experiencing your true potential!

Learn To Reprogram Yourself! Cover Tablet PDF

Learn To Reprogram Yourself!

A 7 Step Course to Empowerment


What’s in a name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

We subconsciously hold onto so many preconceived notions to what things are or may be. Just a single word can trigger an emotional response. Sometimes this can steer us away from something that may be perfect for us.

So, in light of this, I would love to share with you, other ways to describe subconscious reprogramming:

–This work could be called hypnosis, because you induce yourself into a theta brainwave state in order to clear or download subconscious beliefs and/or blocks.  (After an hour of doing theta work you may feel tired.)

–My work could be called “shadow work” because we find the beliefs & blocks hidden in the shadows of your subconscious mind, bring them to the light of your awareness, and clear them out.

–You could say that this technique works within the matrix to install and/or/ uninstall programming that holds you back from your true potential.

–This technique allows you to work within the 5th dimension to reprogram your human self to allow more of your spirit self to shine through.

–Or… this technique allows you to work within your magnetic field to erase the magnetic pull your energy has on negativity & trauma.

Whatever you want to call it, there is no denying that it works!

Who can benefit from the “Learn To Reprogram Yourself!” course?

This course can help anyone with any issue! Including:

Health issues

Weight issues

Financial issues

Relationship issues; boss, spouse, family, friends, etc.

Allergies, sensitivities, & intolerances

Autism & Asperger’s



Creative Blocks

Intuitive Blocks

Emotional Blocks

Spiritual Blocks

Chakra Blocks



and so much more!

Basically, if you live on planet Earth, this course can help you!


Who should not take the “Learn To Reprogram Yourself!” course?

Let’s say you have to choose between the red pill & the blue pill;

The red pill is truth– it’s diving deep into the darkness (because you know with all your heart that finding the darkness is the only way to transform it), it’s feeling emotions, accepting them, & allowing them to heal, which releases them from you, & it’s empowerment and knowing that you have control over your own life.

The blue pill is blissful ignorance– it’s burying your head in the sand & pretending that everything is fine, it’s pushing emotions deep down inside you, not wanting to face the fact that they are festering and spreading, & it’s allowing outside circumstances & outside forces to control your life

Red pill Blue Pill


If you would choose the blue pill, this course is not for you.

Learn To Reprogram Yourself! Cover Tablet PDF

Learn To Reprogram Yourself!

A 7 Step Course to Empowerment


What can you learn in the “Learn To Reprogram Yourself!” course?

You’ll learn;

  • About the scales of consciousness
  • What the difference is between a victim, victor, or vehicle
  • About raising your vibrational frequency to facilitate raising the consciousness of humanity
  • About our holographic reality & how to recode your matrix
  • 5 different meditations, including “Unplug” & “Protection”
  • The Triggered Emotion Technique
  • What NOT to clear
  • Who Creator is & What Creator’s perspective is
  • How to help your body integrate the changes in your energy with ease & grace
  • How to use theta healing to delete beliefs that no longer serve you
  • How to use theta healing to create beliefs that will help you become your true self & change your reality on all levels, for the better
  • The first list of beliefs EVERYONE should clear- a guide to “Heal Your Beliefs About Healing”
  • How to use theta healing to delete traumas (on all 3 levels) that are preventing you from fully integrating your higher Self – The biggest transformative process!!
  • How to take clues from your life & your dreams to find the beliefs & traumas that need to be cleared
  • The Mirror Effect
  • How to instantly transform your perception of humanity
  • And more!

By the end of this course, you will be empowered with the techniques to transform every single area of your life. You will never be the same.

I want to teach you all of this priceless information

for just $247!

But wait, there is one more thing I haven’t even mentioned yet!

A private Facebook group

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exclusively for people who have bought my course!!

You’ll be a part of an exclusive group of like-minded individuals all focused on reprogramming themselves to facilitate the highest & greatest good for themselves and the world!

This group is for support, encouragement, and guidance from members of the group as well as getting great ideas for beliefs to create & delete!

Plus, I will pop in often with guidance and support as well ❤

Are you ready for lasting change… finally?

Are you willing to do the work to change your life?

Are you willing to let go of everything that no longer serves you?

Do yourself a favor & take the first step now!

The entire course will be sent to your email in downloadable PDF format, so you can view it on any device or print it out.

You can go through the whole course at your own speed.  It is 7 steps with at least 2 lessons in each step. You can finish the whole thing in a week or take your time and do one step per month! It’s completely up to you.

Learn To Reprogram Yourself! Cover Tablet PDF

Learn To Reprogram Yourself!

A 7 Step Course to Empowerment


What my clients are saying

There are no words sufficient to describe the effect that meeting Sarah Jean Keller has had on my life; I can only say that meeting Sarah was a blessing. When I met Sarah for the first time I was immediately at ease in her nurturing presence. Sarah’s gift is trauma clearing. It’s like evolved therapy, healing years worth of pain in moments. Working with Sarah improved my relationships, allowed me to become more self-aware, and aided me in connecting to spirit. That sounds incredible enough, but I received so much more. Sarah provided me nurturing counsel, a compassionate confidant, and the doorway to empowerment. She guided me each step of the way with gentle support that put me on the path to becoming my best self, and she continues to guide, encourage, and hold space for me to this day. If you are reading this review I highly recommend you make an appointment to see Sarah Jean Keller and find out what is possible for you.

– Elyse Michelle Smith

Sarah is one of the most amazing healers I have had the privilege of knowing. After being diagnosed with PTSD, Sarah worked with me to clear past and current trauma. I immediately experienced a difference in my mind, body, and heart and continue to reap the benefits of the power of her technique. What surprised me most was how fast my symptoms lifted and how she was able to identify subconscious beliefs that held me from my highest potential. Now, I live a more rich, congruent, and passion-filled life.

-Heidi Cooper

“If you want to make the world a better place,

take a look at yourself and then make a change.”

– Michael Jackson, Man In The Mirror


** I do not teach the method that I use in my theta healing audio where I do the reprogramming for you. I teach you a method that you can use to do reprogramming for yourself, which you can teach to loved ones or clients to allow them to delete & clear beliefs for themselves. If you did this for clients, you could be the coach that helps them figure out which beliefs & traumas to work with.