The Effects Of Trauma In Everyday Life

Have you ever awakened from a dream and felt the intensity of your emotions flowing through your body as if it were all real? This is one way your subconscious tries to pinpoint a trauma and get you to focus on it so you can heal it.

Have you ever felt triggered? Let’s say you’re scrolling through Facebook and you see something you don’t agree with, or you’re watching the news or listening to people nearby argue about politics. Have you ever felt like you NEEDED to say something? Maybe you felt like you wanted to run away? You may even start to feel panic, like shaking on the inside of your body, or feel like your blood is boiling with anger or rage. This is the emotional and sometimes physical response to trauma held in your body. When you feel “triggered”, it’s actually your body trying to tell you that there is trauma that needs to be healed.

Have you ever watched a movie scene that triggered a deep feeling like sadness, guilt, or anger that wouldn’t calm down & wouldn’t leave your thoughts long after you’ve finished watching it? This is also a triggered trauma trying to come into your awareness.

Another way that your subconscious works to show you your trauma is by giving you patterns in your reality. This could be a pattern in your love life that always seems to fail in a certain way. Or a pattern of job failures, friendship failures, money issues, health problems, etc. These patterns help you become aware of your trauma and once the trauma is healed, all of the patterns start to heal.

When people hear the word “trauma”, they usually think of it as the result of a horrific tragedy like child abuse, a life-altering car accident, the death of a loved one, or war. Yes, all of these things are traumatic, but there are many different levels of trauma which happen to everyone and for any kind of experience.

Trauma can come from something seemingly simple such as hurt feelings, a disagreement, a break-up, or a disappointment to the most obvious & severe tragedies (as I mentioned above) and everything in between. I have worked with clients to clear all types of trauma that range from trauma from being forced to eat food they didn’t like, from being in school, from being born, from having friends that lie, to trauma from being human, from sexual abuse, from physical abuse, and even from being separated from God.

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There is no trauma that is insignificant, as any kind of trauma has negative effects on your life.

Physically, trauma can be the root cause of any health issue from a small rash to full-blown cancer. It can cause insomnia, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, muscle tension, headaches, breathing issues, digestive issues, heart issues, and much more.

Mentally, emotionally, & psychologically, trauma shows up as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, addiction, feeling numb or emotionally distant, mood swings, times of feeling “out-of-control”, misdirected anger, nightmares, overly active fight-or-flight response, dissociation, disconnection from others, confusion, memory loss, trouble concentrating, “irrational” fears, etc.

Spiritually, trauma leads to feelings of being disconnected from Source/God. This “disconnection” can deepen your sense of loneliness, despair, and hopelessness and can make you feel unworthy of love. From my experience, most people who suffer from any form of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are holding traumas from being disconnected from Source. (Everyone I have worked with has trauma – you do not need to be diagnosed with trauma in order to have it or heal it.)

Energetically, trauma is blockages in our energetic field. These blocks actually attract more of the same kind of trauma. The Law of Attraction is the principle that energy attracts the same energy. So, if your energetic field is full of traumas (even small ones), it will attract more traumas, more negative experiences. Clearing these traumas out of your energy field stops that force that pulls in more negativity. These traumatic blocks also prevent your growth. They stifle you and create fear from moving forward in any area of your life.

When you do not heal a trauma, the “signs” that you receive that are trying to bring the trauma into your awareness will escalate. The signs will get louder, more obvious, or more dramatic so you finally pay attention. Sometimes the only way for the trauma to get through to some people is another traumatic event that forces the person to stop everything, stop the distractions, and focus fully on themselves.

The effects of trauma do not have to last a lifetime. The effects do not have to gradually get worse until you finally recognize that the trauma needs to be healed. You can choose to be proactive. Find the trauma, face the trauma, and heal it now.


When you heal trauma, you begin to heal physically, emotionally mentally, spiritually and energetically in all areas of your life. You break down the invisible walls that always seem to be in your way. You release the fearful & “damaged” parts of your personality and bring more of the YOU that is meant to be. You let go of the darkness and let the light flood in.

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Love & blessings,

Sarah Jean Keller

5 Ways Trauma Can Mess Up Your Life

Traumas & limiting beliefs come from many different sources including genetics, childhood experiences, other lifetimes, soul contracts, etc.

If you haven’t read my free ebook yet, which includes information on 8 different types of trauma, please do so by clicking HERE. It also includes the instructional guide “How To Test Your Subconscious Beliefs”, which you can also use to test yourself for trauma by testing “I am holding trauma from __________”.

A trauma is an emotional wound that causes substantial, sometimes lasting damage to psychological development. It is a distortion in your energy field. Distortions in your energy field cause all kinds of problems in your life.

To give you a better understanding of this, I will go over 5 ways that trauma can mess up your life.

#1- Traumas and limiting beliefs are the underlying energetic distortions that cause health & physical problems in our bodies.  Physical ailments are an energetic distortion BEFORE they become a physical condition, illness, or disease. The trick is to find and heal all of the traumas relating to a certain ailment in order to facilitate the physical healing. An example of a simple physical issue is digestive problems, which are the energetic effect of not being able to digest one’s current life circumstances.

#2- Trauma attracts more trauma. The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. Most people do not understand that it’s really about what our subconscious beliefs are focused on. If our subconscious is filled with traumas and limiting beliefs, we attract more traumas and limiting beliefs.

#3- Fear of moving forward. Hidden traumas cause seemingly irrational fears. Trauma from being a wealthy person who abused his power in a past life can cause the fear of success in this lifetime. Trauma from a car accident as a baby can cause fear and anxiety while driving as an adult. Trauma holds us back in so many ways. Creating fear is just one of them.

#4- Trauma can be passed on through your DNA. Think about your parents. Do they have patterns in their relationships or finances that passed onto you? This is generational trauma. These same traumas and any that you have developed on your own are then passed onto your children. Put all of these people together on a holiday and you’ve got quite an energetic mess 😉

#5- Trauma can prevent you from being your SELF. Trauma and limiting beliefs are like clutter and your subconscious is a hoarder. The person who suffers the most from all of the “stuff” is YOU. The true YOU is buried by trauma and limiting beliefs. When you can clean out your subconscious of everything that no longer serves you, you unbury yourself and become free ❤

Trauma is like a bundle of limiting beliefs all lumped together. So, needless to say, clearing trauma is an extremely powerful process that has the potential to radically change your thoughts & emotions on any certain issue. And by changing your thoughts and emotions on an issue, you also change what your energy attracts to it.

When we have lower vibrational “negative” energy that is filled with limiting beliefs and traumas, by the Law of Attraction, we attract to us more limiting beliefs and traumas. These distortions in our energetic field shape our reality and fog our perspective of life.

Trauma clearing lifts the fog of negativity and frees us to become more of who we really are ❤

I have created the “Trauma Clearing Program”, which is a PDF & MP3 bundle, to clear traumas!

Some modalities only clear surface trauma, but my process clears the surface trauma, the shock from that trauma, and even the cellular trauma from all layers of your being.

Sometimes, the effect of this reprogramming is immediate and obvious. Sometimes, it takes a little while for the changes to integrate into your energetic field so you may see changes within a week to a month. And other times, the changes develop more slowly. It all depends on how many other beliefs or traumas are attached to each certain issue. So the more you can use your intuition to investigate within your subconscious, the quicker the change you will see.

You can use this program over & over for as many traumas that you can think of. You only need to listen to the audio one time for each trauma that you want to clear.

While using the theta healing audio, you will test your traumas & subconscious beliefs, I will reprogram the beliefs, and you will test the beliefs again to make sure they have changed.

*Do not listen to the theta healing MP3 audio while driving

Purchase the 21-page “Trauma Clearing Program” downloadable digital PDF file with the “Trauma Clearing Program” downloadable digital MP3 audio now for $77 to change your life forever ❤

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The information in this “Trauma Clearing Program” is included in my “Learn to Reprogram Yourself! 7 Steps To Empowerment” course. So, you will not need to purchase this item if you have already bought the course.

4 Subconscious Beliefs That May Be Sabotaging Your Relationships

Reoccurring patterns in your life are caused by deep-seated beliefs in your subconscious, whether you believe them on a conscious level or not. These subconscious beliefs come from many different sources including genetics, childhood experiences, other lifetimes, soul contracts, etc.  Patterns that pertain to your relationships, your health, your weight, your self- esteem, your finances, (ALL areas of your life) all stem from your subconscious beliefs.  By locating and changing the blocks that are being held on the subconscious level, we facilitate healing on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

To give you a better understanding of this, I will go over 4 subconscious beliefs that may be sabotaging your relationships.

#1- “I don’t deserve love”

This belief is much more common than you would think. Having it would manifest into your reality, relationships that are meaningless. You would attract, to you, relationships that are superficial and not loving. If love is attracted to you, you will subconsciously push it away.

#2- “I need to control _(insert person’s name here)_”

This is a very popular subconscious belief and it actually attracts the kind of relationship that is out of control. The need to control someone leads to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, jealousy, and anger. An underlying belief that usually goes along with this one is “I need to control myself”.

#3- “I need to fix _(insert person’s name here)_”

This is a complicated belief because feeling the need to help someone usually shows up as a need to “fix” them. This causes people that you have relationships with, to always feel that they are not good enough. That is never a winning situation. An underlying belief that usually goes along with this one is “I need to fix myself”.

#4- “I am afraid of losing _(insert person’s name here)_”

You may be thinking “of course I am afraid losing ___________”. The thing to understand about beliefs is that they create an energy which attracts more of the same energy. So, if we are afraid of losing someone, we will ultimately attract to us, ways of losing this person. This usually manifests as you pushing the person away, subconsciously sabotaging yourself. Having a fear of something actually attracts it to you.

Test your subconscious to see if you have any of these beliefs that may be sabotaging you.

*If you haven’t read my free ebook yet, which includes the instructional guide “How To Test Your Subconscious Beliefs”, you can sign up for it HERE.

Relationships are complicated. When we consider our own subconscious beliefs and how they affect our reality, it’s complicated enough. But, when you add another person and the mess of beliefs in their mind that can either align or completely rival our mess of beliefs, it can be a recipe for disaster.

It’s hard enough to sort through our own insecurities and fears.  It’s even harder to do that while being bombarded by everyone else’ opinions & judgments. You start to wonder where your emotions and thoughts start and their’s end.

Learning to have a higher perspective is the easiest way to transform how we see ourselves and others. The problem is that we all have limiting beliefs that block us from this higher understanding. We need to update these beliefs- clear out what we no longer need and create new beliefs that empower us. I have created a “Relationship Upgrade” program, which is a PDF & MP3 bundle, to help you clear the limiting beliefs, including the 4 above, to that higher perspective. This program can be used on each and every one of your relationships.

Here are examples of relationships you may want to upgrade;

Boss                                                  Siblings

Spouse                                             Parents

In-laws                                              Friends

Children                                           Lover

“Enemies”                                        Bank account

Creator (God)                                  The universe

Government                                    Society

Your emotions                                 Your mind

Your spirituality                               Your mood

Your body                                        Your self

Your Higher Self                              Your house

Your Car                                           Economy

Drugs, alcohol, etc.                         Food

Shopping                                         Being human

Your culture                                     Neighbor

Pets                                                  Fear

If you decide to purchase this Upgrade, the very first relationship you must work on is with yourself. When we change our perspective of ourselves, when we can see the darkness, the shadow personality, in ourselves and choose to see through it, we activate unconditional love within ourselves that flows out to everyone around us. Some people may notice this new energy from you. Those that need to work on their own perspectives may not.

When you can allow yourself to have a higher perspective of another, when you can see the truth of them without judgment, you unlock that kind of higher perspective within them as well. They change the way they view themselves. They change the way they view you, too.

Not every relationship is worth having, though, and having a higher perspective of toxic relationships helps us to understand the lessons from them so we can move on without needing to repeat the pattern.

My “Relationship Upgrade” is like a reset button. Sometimes the effect of this reprogramming is immediate and obvious. Sometimes, it involves more of a process and develops slowly, depending on how many other beliefs are attached to the relationship. But, nonetheless, an upgrade is an upgrade, and any “restart”, even a slower one, is better than none at all.

Also included is the Soul Fragment Retrieval technique

This technique is only available in this program. Soul Fragment Retrieval used to take so much time to do. Many people had to do long drawn-out rituals to do them. With my quick & simple process, you’ll be able to do a Soul Fragment Retrieval on every relationship that you upgrade!

You can use this upgrade over & over for as many relationships that you can imagine. You only need to listen to the audio one time for each relationship that you want to upgrade.

While using the theta healing audio, you will test your subconscious beliefs, I will reprogram the beliefs, and you will test the beliefs again to make sure they have changed.

*Do not listen to the theta healing MP3 audio while driving

Purchase the 18-page “Relationship Upgrade” downloadable digital PDF file with the “Relationship Upgrade” downloadable digital MP3 audio for $77 now to change your life forever ❤

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This information is NOT included in my “Learn to Reprogram Yourself! 7 Steps To Empowerment” course. But, if you have taken that course, you’ll be able to purchase the Relationship Upgrade PDF ONLY version & reprogram the beliefs in this Upgrade for yourself more quickly than listening to my audio. The cost for the PDF only version is $47

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