Elyse Michelle Smith

There are no words sufficient to describe the effect that meeting Sarah Jean Keller has had on my life; I can only say that meeting Sarah was a blessing. When I met Sarah for the first time I was immediately at ease in her nurturing presence. Sarah’s gift is trauma clearing. It’s like evolved therapy, healing years worth of pain in moments. Working with Sarah improved my relationships, allowed me to become more self-aware, and aided me in connecting to spirit. That sounds incredible enough, but I received so much more. Sarah provided me nurturing counsel, a compassionate confidant, and the doorway to empowerment. She guided me each step of the way with gentle support that put me on the path to becoming my best self, and she continues to guide, encourage, and hold space for me to this day. If you are reading this review I highly recommend you make an appointment to see Sarah Jean Keller and find out what is possible for you.